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The Ram Brandishes its Horns Once Again

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BÉLIER LAINÉ is well and properly relaunched! Indeed, it has once again embraced its core values of providing comfort and warmth for the household. Soft bed coverings are of course a returning feature, but in this day and age other product ranges that also embody…

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Couverture de marque

Facing the End-Of-The-Century Turmoil

09.07.1980 in Uncategorized

The oil crisis shook and unsettled the world, the Asian textile and clothing industry started taking up a prominent position, and the ‘made in France’ production was struggling to keep-up despite its renowned quality. Moreover, the French carpet and blanket industry (the ‘MFTC’: Manufacture française…

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A Return to Natural Values in the 1970s: Wool…

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Associated with the Woolmark label, BÉLIER LAINÉ experienced the revival of natural blankets that, thanks to improved weaving methods, now had a finer and lighter feel than the traditional blankets used in the past. The brand adapted itself to the new values of this post-68…

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The ‘30 Glorious’ French Post War Years (1945-1975)

09.07.1950 in Uncategorized

Like any well established brand, BÉLIER LAINÉ adapted itself to the current market climate. The company continued to produce woollen blankets but now also offered synthetic blankets to its post-war era customers, the production of which took place in partnership with the Rhône-Poulenc group. The…

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1898-1920: Conquest Through Import and Export

01.01.1920 in Uncategorized

Lucien, Edmond’s young son, embarked upon a series of international trips that truly introduced the BÉLIER LAINÉ company to the world. For instance, he diversified the purchasing process by buying wool from Tunisia and Morocco for his company’s carpet-making activities, and he starting selling to…

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Ed Laine 1890

1839 – Under the Sign of Aries

01.02.1903 in Uncategorized

The success story started off with the ‘Maison Tétard’ that was already producing household textiles, carpets and blankets as far back as 1839. In 1890, Edmond Lainé launched the Ed. LAINE et Cie limited partnership company thanks to his healthy collaboration with the Tétard descendants….

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